Veneer hammer

I am planning some experiments with veneering and also with leatherwork for later this year. So I crafted a veneer hammer. I was inspired to make the hammer instead of purchasing one, after seeing some posts by Tom Fidgen on his website. This hammer took some cues from his, though departs from his design in several ways.


I couldn’t find a suitable piece of brass for the tip(s) of the hammer, so I made do with a piece of brass from a door hinge. Time will tell if this is going to work or not. If not, I may end up replacing the brass that I have.

The hammer was made from some scraps of maple that I had in the shop, and a little walnut wedge in the end of the tenon. Curves were cut on the bandsaw, though everything else was done by hand with a chisel, saws, and rasps. It was finished in danish oil & armor-seal.

I find again and again that I really hate metal-work. However, I imagine that it is similar to wood-working in that any misery and frustration in the work is due to (or at least directly proportional to) poor planning, lack of knowledge/skill, and inappropriate tooling.

I’m looking forward to posting some pics of the veneering experiments in the coming months.

Veneer hammer

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