Almost there…

The bases for the modern side tables went together very well. After this they were treated with kilz, re-sanded, then followed by a dark primer. Tomorrow I will be painting them their final color. (Sherwin-Williams Caviar, in enamel with matte finish)

painted bases
Bases for bedside tables. Splayed legs approx 9 degrees. 10 inches high, 18 inches wide, 13 inches deep. Final height of the tables will be just shy of 25 inches.

These tables ended up being executed using about 50/50 hand tools vs power tools, which was a major departure for me. I definitely am a new fan of the Festool domino joiner. It saved me about 8 – 14 hours in joining the bases alone. Will definitely be considering it from time to time in certain future projects as well.

For those looking forward to more hand-work stuff… tomorrow I will have some pics & info about my Dutch tool chest project, which I am also wrapping up this week. This was executed entirely by hand, from start to finish.

Almost there…

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