Rich here. Trying out a new format and location for sharing my woodworking projects.

I’ve been woodworking casually for about 8 years. For the greater part of that time, I was working 27 days a month and had little time to spend in the shop, but still made time. A year and a half ago, I took a new and better job that gives me every other week off, though somehow I still wasn’t making meaningful use of my shop.

Six months ago circumstances (a house remodel) led me to seek out a new shop space.

Recent pic of the new shop-space.
Recent pic of the new shop-space.

Since then I’ve been inspired to spend more time in the shop and my productivity has soared. Hence the interest in sharing my work more frequently…

I think the main difference has been the fact that the new space is a shared workspace, and being around other woodworkers and various artists has been incredibly inspiring for me. I’ve never been more productive or more happy in my woodworking. Now as the remodel comes to a close, I plan to keep renting the shared space.

My main focus is on hand-tool woodworking, though I do make limited use of machines, depending on the project.

Thanks for visiting!


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